February 11, 2017

New arrivals this week!

Time for a quick recap of this week's new arrivals!

  • A slew of releases on the brilliant Fishrider Records label!
  • The two new Comet Gain lp reissues on M'Lady's Records!
  • The brand new Electro Group lp on Pehr Records!
  • The new Yearning retrospective cd on Elefant!
  • The cool Vital Idles 7" on Not Unloved of Glasgow!
You'll find all of these and more here!

February 10, 2017

Announcing PZL116: Ghost Thoughts!

Ghost Thoughts - Purple Period cdep

Next up in our busy winter release schedule is the new project from Davina Shell (of Thee Ahs) and friends, and truth be told, it's really not too different from her previous band. And that's a good thing, because I LOVED Thee Ahs and their brand of pure and simple indiepop with the sweetest vocals - as much as I loved the Fat Tulips back when Sunday Records reigned supreme. Not to insinuate that these songs are all flowers and butterflies - in fact, they're rather darker in tone. Davina wrote all of the songs, but each track on this EP has a different vocalist (including Davina and Sarah, also from Thee Ahs), but they all have a similarly sweet delivery, so it flows together quite well. An all-around beautiful little collection of songs!

You can pick up your copy here!

February 03, 2017

Announcing PZL114: Lures!

Lures - There's No Pressure

Four new releases out on Jigsaw this month - say hello to release number one! It's the second album from Lures, a Seattle trio with a classic surfy rock sound, steeped in reverb and all that, only with songs that sound modern, in a similar style as someone like Chris Cohen and Tele Novella. But in between, they'll go and do a surf instrumental or cover Del Shannon's "Runaway". A nicely varied and rich album and it's on sale now here!

January 29, 2017

New arrivals for the week!

Got in a bunch of great releases in the last week, new and old! A quick glance reveals...

  • The new Hepburns lp on Radio Khartoum - fantastic!
  • The new Lost Tapes singles comp cd/lp on Shelflife - excellent!
  • The new Stuart Moxham tribute cd from France - terrific!
  • The new releases on the Kingfisher Bluez label - magnificent!
  • And other assorted finds, including the new Photon cd on Beko, the Pyramidiacs dbl cd collection and the essential Someloves debut album!

All of these - and more - to be found in our new arrivals section!

January 25, 2017

New releases on the Shiny Happy label!

new Shiny Happy releases

Got a nice package in from Shiny Happy Records with some restocks, as well as a new 3" cd from Lousy Pop Group, cassettes from Toy Tambourine and the Sweetest Touch, and just in time for January... a Christmas comp?!  Oh, the holiday season may be well behind us, but this has rare and unreleased tracks from Bubblegum Lemonade, Math & Physics Club, Dylan Mondegreen and many more, so be sure to snag one before they're gone!

January 21, 2017

New additions this week!

I've added a bunch of new items and restocks in the last couple days! Please welcome:

And I've still got lots more to upload this weekend, so stick around!

January 20, 2017

Announcing PZL117: nearr!

nearr - History Repeats Itself cd

Out today: the newest release from nearr, a one-man recording project led by Eduard Tokuyev from Ukraine. And it's a beautiful example of lo-fi bedroom pop, that combines acoustic and electric guitars with keyboards and drum machines. Take the distant vocals of the Radio Dept., the stark but melodic guitar sound of "Seventeen Seconds"-era Cure and the overall feel of a Famous Boyfriend record, and you'll get an idea of what to expect here. The songs themselves have a theme of loneliness and longing, as is seemingly typical with bedroom pop of this type, but they aren't at all mopey.

You can listen to it and buy a copy here!

January 18, 2017

Let's listen to: Nod And The Hobgoblins - "Nod And The Hobgoblins" cs!

Nod And The Hobgoblins - Nod And The Hobgoblins cs

This Seattle band was around for a brief time a few years ago, back when the Funny Button (an important house venue in the Seattle DIY scene) was a thing, and this cassette perfectly documents that point in time. Led by Jennifer Williams, and backed by a full band (and doo-wop choir!), this is a delightful batch of songs that recall groups like Lake, Watercolor Paintings and Land Of Ill Earthquakes; gentle and easy-going, with a very open and friendly atmosphere.

Released by our good friends at Lost Sound Tapes, we have the last few copies here at the shop - have a listen and click here to buy it now before it goes out of print forever!

January 15, 2017

Let's listen to: New Century Schoolbook - "The First Album Was Better" cd!

New Century Schoolbook - The First Album Was Better cd

New Century Schoolbook were from Portland, OR, and as far as I can tell, this self-released 2007 album was actually their first (despite its ironic title), though I could be completely wrong - there's very little information on the band online! In any case, this is a wonderful slice of '00s indiepop - reminding me a lot of Vehicle Flips (particularly with their frequently clever, referential lyrics), the Salteens (lots of bouncy melodies) or maybe a more playful Belle & Sebastian. The songs have jangly guitars, jaunty keyboards and pleasant boy/girl vocals, with each of the singers taking turns at the lead and backing vocals. An overlooked classic from an obscure band! (Fun side note: the guitar player, Zachariah Selley now plays in A Certain Smile.)

You can pick this up here - on sale for this week only! Oh, and check out their 2009 7", too!

January 13, 2017

Announcing PZL113: The Rentiers!

Rentiers - Bring Me The Finest World Map Shower Curtain In All The Land cd

First Jigsaw release of what's looking to be a very busy year! This one is a retrospective (of sorts) from The Rentiers, a project for Joel Tannenbaum (Plow United, Snow Fairies, Skywriters, etc.) and whoever he ropes into recording with him (and that's a pretty long cast of characters!). His musical roots are indiepop and DIY punk, but with the Rentiers, he doesn't limit himself to just one genre. No, you'll find a wide variety of styles from indiepop to electropop to reggae, though his forte (and thus, the majority of the songs on this collection) is catchy indie rock with a particular knack for descriptive storytelling, usually co-sung by himself and a female vocalist. Dive into the fun and diverse world of the Rentiers!

Have a listen and pick it up here!