Let's listen to: Dubious Brothers - The Foresight Saga lp!

Posted by Chris McFarlane on

Dubious Brothers - The Foresight Saga lp

Funny enough, I know very little about this band; my introduction to them was via a song on the best mixtape I've ever had, so it was listened to a million times. Sadly, that particular song isn't on this album, but what we do have here is their fabulous second album, originally released on the band's own Glutton For Punishment label back in 1988 and lovingly reissued by Firestation Records, in a limited pressing of 200! Take the offbeat, timeless, practically genre-less music of the Monochrome Set, and slather it in the most obscure and witty lyrics this side of Alan Jenkins (Deep Freeze Mice, Chrysanthemums, et al), and you've got a very memorable batch of songs!

You can pick up a copy here (on sale, even)! No full stream for this particular album, I'm afraid, but you can hear a couple songs from it below: