January 12, 2017

Let's listen to: Lavandera - Hacia El Mar EP 7"/cdep!

Lavandera - Hacia El Mar EP 7"/cdep

Here we have the newest release on the Discos de Kirlian label of Barcelona, which is a gorgeous slice of indiepop, Spanish style. Musically, they remind me quite a bit of later Beat Happening, but not so, you know, amateur-sounding. It's more in their sense of melody - simple but very effective - than anything else. Additionally, I can hear quite a bit of Heavenly, particularly in the jangly guitar style. And the vocals (both his and hers), and the way they interplay are just wonderful. Each of their songs (five on the 7" with an extra track on the cd/download) are in the 2-3 minute range, and are a pure delight! 

You can have a listen and pick up this gem here! As usual, the vinyl is limited to only 100 copies, so be quick!

January 08, 2017

A new batch of records from Pretty Olivia!

Just got in a batch of wonderful janglepop records from the ever-reliable Pretty Olivia Records of Spain, including lps from El Palacio de Linares, Juvenilia and Young Scum! Check out those records (and more!) here:


January 05, 2017

New winter hours for the Jigsaw shop in Seattle!

As of this week, we've shortened our hours to 12-6, Weds-Sun. It's freezing cold in here, and we'll probably go back to regular hours once it warms up again. Please stop in and say hi!

January 04, 2017

Finally... a blog!

At long last, the Jigsaw site now has a real, live blog! I plan to post news and reviews and whatever else pops to mind here, so feel free to check in every now and again...