April 21, 2017

Announcing PZL123: Hush Machine!

Hush Machine - Hush Machine cd

Today we welcome the debut release from Hush Machine! It's eight tracks of blissful, glassy guitar pop made by Sam Boatright, a 21 year-old Lawrence, KS native who has created music under this moniker for several years; however, he has only just recently started sharing his music with a grander listening audience. These songs were all written and recorded during Boatright’s junior and senior year of high school in 2013 and echo winter nights driving around lonesome as well as muggy summer days, lounging around with friends. Musically, the sound is not unlike the first Strokes record - that is, catchy and gritty and poppy and memorable - only without a single ounce of pretense. A promising start for this young musician!

Have a listen and purchase it here!

April 14, 2017

Announcing PZL122: The Cherries!

The Cherries - Self Titled 2 cd

This week on the Jigsaw label, we're happy to release the second album from the Cherries, a San Francisco quartet (with ex-members of Grandma's Boyfriend, Permanent Collection and the Broonies), and it's a 17-track, 32-minute whirlwind of exciting crash pop! Packed with an array of catchy songs and quirky song fragments that flow into one another, this album is on par with anything by Kleenex Girl Wonder and Guided By Voices (the 4-track years).

Check it out here!

April 06, 2017

New Salinas Records titles in stock!

Just added a bunch of new Salinas Records titles and restocks, including lps from Joyride!, Dyke Drama, Swanning, P.S. Eliot and more... And they're all great!


April 02, 2017

Latest batch of Reflective Tapes!

Reflective Tapes

Happy to offer the latest batch of tapes from Reflective Tapes of Olympia, including gems from Taste Wasters, Heavy Pockets and Shane Dupuy, among others! And they're all only five bucks each!


March 10, 2017

Announcing PZL120: Heavenly Creatures!

Heavenly Creatures - This Summer Will Kill Us All EP cdep

The last in a long line of releases this winter is the debut EP from Cleveland's Heavenly Creatures, and it's a lovely five-song gem! Though current, the band sounds like they were plucked from the Harriet Records '90s catalog, wedged in nicely between similarly female-led bands such as Twig, Pest 5000 and Prickly. That is, this EP is full of catchy pop songs with a bit of an edge both musically and lyrically (see the ode to so-called self-help books in "Blah Blah Blah Amen" and the response to guys' backhanded compliments to female musicians in the opening "Unsolicited Advice"). 

Pick up a copy here!

March 04, 2017

This week's new arrivals!

I've added a bunch of new items this week, including:

  • the new Courtneys cd/lp on Flying Nun
  • the new Novella cd/lp on Sinderlyn
  • a trio of ace powerpop reissues on Manufactured
  • the Part Time Punks lp w/Aberdeen, 14 Iced Bears & June Brides
  • the Burnt Palms/Sunset Swim flexi on Golly Jane
  • new Eureka California 7" & Bastards Of Fate lp on HHBTM
  • past releases from Gentle Brent's earlier incarnations as Brent Randall and the Pinecones

Have a peek!

March 03, 2017

Announcing PZL119: Gentle Brent!

Gentle Brent - Just Dandy cd

After a couple albums under his own name and as the Pinecones, Brent Randall of Toronto is now using the moniker Gentle Brent, but he's still playing many of the instruments on his own (with help from a few friends here and there). A little less orchestral this time around, Brent is leaning more toward jangly powerpop territory - think Harry Nilsson or Paul McCartney meets the Heavy Blinkers, Flashing Lights or even Jigsaw's own Michael Knight. This album has friendly, bouncy AM-styled hits galore, and with eleven of 'em in under half an hour, you'll find lots of wonderful vocal harmonies and the catchiest songs you've heard in a while!

Check it out over here!

February 24, 2017

Announcing PZL118: 31Ø8!

31Ø8 - 31Ø8 (BLU) cd

Wrapping up a very busy February for the Jigsaw label is the second album from 31Ø8, a one-man project from London that plays rock music with keen pop sensibilities. That is, these are basically simple pop songs, but everything - guitars, vocals, synth-bass and electronic drums - is covered in a layer of fuzz, sounding like some hybrid of Loop and mid-period Jesus And Mary Chain, while more modern-ish references include Honeyrider and Jigsaw's own American Culture & Super Paradise. Not an easy record to describe, but very easy to get into.

Have a listen and pick up a copy here!

February 19, 2017

Let's listen to: Dubious Brothers - The Foresight Saga lp!

Dubious Brothers - The Foresight Saga lp

Funny enough, I know very little about this band; my introduction to them was via a song on the best mixtape I've ever had, so it was listened to a million times. Sadly, that particular song isn't on this album, but what we do have here is their fabulous second album, originally released on the band's own Glutton For Punishment label back in 1988 and lovingly reissued by Firestation Records, in a limited pressing of 200! Take the offbeat, timeless, practically genre-less music of the Monochrome Set, and slather it in the most obscure and witty lyrics this side of Alan Jenkins (Deep Freeze Mice, Chrysanthemums, et al), and you've got a very memorable batch of songs!

You can pick up a copy here (on sale, even)! No full stream for this particular album, I'm afraid, but you can hear a couple songs from it below:

February 17, 2017

Announcing PZL121: Secret Meadow!

Secret Meadow - Same Old Fear EP

Jumping ahead a few catalog numbers to PZL121, today marks the release of the debut from Secret Meadow, a new band from Jakarta, Indonesia, and it's a good case of being able to judge a book by its cover. Much like the sleeve, the songs contained within are simple and catchy, but are also shrouded in a haze (of ambient synths). Imagine the sound and atmosphere of the Cure or Slowdive, but with melodies that rival anything the Radio Dept. have ever written, and mostly upbeat songs with driving rhythms and vocals that are soft yet confident. And the guitars! Oh, the wonderful, jangly guitars... Yes, this is the start of something really big, and we're glad to be able to introduce you to this delightful band!

Listen to it and pick it up here!

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