Announcing PZL113: The Rentiers!

Posted by Chris McFarlane on

Rentiers - Bring Me The Finest World Map Shower Curtain In All The Land cd

First Jigsaw release of what's looking to be a very busy year! This one is a retrospective (of sorts) from The Rentiers, a project for Joel Tannenbaum (Plow United, Snow Fairies, Skywriters, etc.) and whoever he ropes into recording with him (and that's a pretty long cast of characters!). His musical roots are indiepop and DIY punk, but with the Rentiers, he doesn't limit himself to just one genre. No, you'll find a wide variety of styles from indiepop to electropop to reggae, though his forte (and thus, the majority of the songs on this collection) is catchy indie rock with a particular knack for descriptive storytelling, usually co-sung by himself and a female vocalist. Dive into the fun and diverse world of the Rentiers!

Have a listen and pick it up here!