Rentiers - Bring Me The Finest World Map Shower Curtain In All The Land cd

(Jigsaw Records, PZL113)

the Rentiers have been around for a few years now, existing as a project for Joel Tannenbaum (Plow United, Snow Fairies, Skywriters, etc.) and whoever he ropes into recording with him (and that's a pretty long cast of characters!). His musical roots are indiepop and DIY punk, but with the Rentiers, he doesn't limit himself to just one genre. No, you'll find a wide variety of styles from indiepop to electropop to reggae, though his forte (and thus, the majority of the songs on this collection) is catchy indie rock with a particular knack for descriptive storytelling, usually co-sung by himself and a female vocalist. Just listen to songs like "Jessica And Dan And A Cat Named Bolt Thrower" and "The Third Floor", for example, and you'll find real depth in there. Dive into the fun and diverse world of the Rentiers! 

Not limited. All songs written by the Rentiers. Available digitally on Bandcamp.

  1. Hang Out Or Die Trying
  2. Jessica And Dan And A Cat Named Bolt Thrower
  3. Arms
  4. We Don't Cry
  5. The Early 2000s
  6. Black Metal Yoga
  7. Drunks And Stoners
  8. Randall Commander
  9. Brooklyn's Been Good To Me
  10. The Third Floor
  11. Don't Go To College
  12. Run Like Crazy, Run Like Hell
  13. Black Irish Goodbye
  14. Stories Of Adam
  15. The Legend Of Molly Pitcher
  16. I Can Picture Margaret Stackhouse
  17. Votive Candles