Yae!Tiger - Casualty Of The Avalanche cd

(Hail The Sound Records)

19-track disc of boy/girl indiepop that's fun and bouncy, but also has a bit of depth to it
  1. Lichtenstein Zoo
  2. The Gordon Shumway Experiment
  3. Calling All Ghosts
  4. I've Got The Perfect Plan To Infiltrate Your Band
  5. Free Fact Cut Ups
  6. With A Saddle As Your Seat The World's At Your Feet
  7. Choose Yr Own Adventure
  8. Lop The Loop
  9. Watcha Gonna Do
  10. The Distance Between You And Me
  11. Tail Of Two Girls
  12. Sleepworking
  13. Waging War At The Carnival
  14. I Spent An Evening With Saddle Creek And All I Got Was This Crappy Song
  15. Casualty Of The Avalanche
  16. Song For The Grapes
  17. Evil Eye
  18. Tale Of A Blissful Sunday Morn
  19. Reprise Of A Blissful Sunday Morn