Wimpy's - Do The Wimpy's Hop! cd

(Waterslide Records)

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super-fun and catchy Japanese summertime punk/mod/powerpop with their 2002 album reissued with bonus tracks!
  1. The 1st Song
  2. T.V News
  3. Get On My Van
  4. (Tonight) She's Not At The Party
  5. Wimpy's Hop
  6. Just Right Thing In Summer
  7. Blue Eyed Girl
  8. Stay Away From My Baby
  9. Not Gimme One More Chord
  10. Bye My Baby
  11. She'll Be Apples, Mate!!
  12. Little Sheela
  13. She Doesn't Know
  14. Califor-N-I-A
  15. Play It Again
  16. The Last Night F Summer
  17. Get On My Van
  18. Teenage Dickhead
  19. Maybe Baby
  20. She Doesn't Know
  21. Darling, Love You So?
  22. No Matter Where You Go
  23. Why Go Out Of Your Way