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Wild Poppies - Heroine: Complete Collection 1986-1989 cd/dbl lp

(Manufactured Recordings)

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hailing from Oxford, UK (via Wellington, New Zealand), the Wild Poppies played a mix of jangle pop and proto-shoegaze; this disc compiles their sole album and two singles along with a few unreleased gems
  1. What Is Mine
  2. Colourdrift
  3. I Don't Need You
  4. Walkabout
  5. Canon Over a Grey Sea
  6. Here Nor There
  7. Fearless Man
  8. This Person
  9. Talking To Myself
  10. Introduction
  11. Where Is Wellington?
  12. Stare at the Sun
  13. Out of Mind
  14. The Kiwi Song
  15. A Long Way There
  16. Colours and Forms
  17. Subconciousness
  18. Islands
  19. The Last Thing
  20. The D Song