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Von Hayes - Evident Eyelid cd

(State Capital Records)

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perfect for fans of brief & catchy indie rock in the vein of Capstan Shafts or Guided By Voices
  1. Boo Hoo
  2. Madison Arms
  3. Ellen Degenerates
  4. You Should Call Clyde
  5. This Is My Gun City
  6. Mr. Guts
  7. Prestige Replicas
  8. Karen Dreams In Hardcore
  9. Fort Lords
  10. The Wide World Of Christmas
  11. Legacy Luggage
  12. Pink Black
  13. Chaos Fading
  14. Square Moon
  15. Malign Your Eyes
  16. Superballs
  17. Life Kicks Ass
  18. All Tens And No Ones
  19. Drunk Uncles
  20. Auspicious Falcon