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Various - Ten Little Records: The Woosh Collection cd

(Jigsaw Records, PZL069)

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the late '80s saw an abundance of jangly pop bands across the UK, and there were many, many wonderful releases to take in. Near the top of the heap sat this wee empire from Newcastle called Woosh (who booked gigs and did a fanzine, in addition to the label), who released ten 7"s - most of them flexis - in 1988-1989. It was an even mix of current popular bands (Pooh Sticks, Groove Farm, Choo Choo Train) and newer, unknown bands (Holidaymakers, Nivens, Esmerlda's Kite), and always reliable. This disc collects those ten perfect little records (sans one band, who unfortunately would not grant us permission to use their track) onto one handy disc to make for nearly an hour of top-notch jangly indiepop! Note: due to the lack of master tapes, in some cases the audio was lovingly extracted from the original vinyl, and is presented to you here in all of its mid-fi glory; sound quality purists be forewarned...
  1. Holidaymakers - Everyday
  2. The Nivens - Let Loose Of My Knee
  3. The Driscolls - Father's Name Is Dad
  4. Strawberry Story - Tell Me Now
  5. The Haywains - Bythesea Road
  6. The Haywains - Tobe's Gone West
  7. Holidaymakers - Cincinnati
  8. Holidaymakers - Seventh Valley Girl
  9. The Nivens - Yesterday
  10. The Nivens - I Hope You'll Always Be My Friend
  11. Esmerelda's Kite - Vampire Girl
  12. The Pooh Sticks - Hard On Love
  13. St. James Infirmary - The Boy Who Crossed The Street
  14. The Sunflowers - Bubble Bus
  15. The Nivens - Beautiful
  16. The Nivens - The Necessity For Spastics In 20th Century Culture
  17. The Nivens - Northumberland
  18. The Nivens - I Love Me
  19. Eye Pilgrims - Wall Of Sand
  20. Choo Choo Train - Many Happy Returns
Not limited. All songs written by the artists, except track 3 by The Fire. Available digitally on Bandcamp.