Various - Nail House Party cd/lp

(Emotional Response Records)

spectacular 20-track compilation of ER-related bands and friends, including Ginnels, Kids On A Crime Spree, the How, Cannanes, American Culture and so much more! On really cool marbled vinyl!

  1. BAD DADDIES nots cover the earth
  2. GINNELS not what you think
  3. TANGIBLE EXCITEMENT! babys seen this seen before
  4. KIDS ON A CRIME SPREE how come you're such a liar, steve?
  6. LOGNHALSMOTTAGNINGEN lognhalsmottagningen pissar dig
  7. VICTORIAN SLANG hi five the moon
  8. HULABOY the danish amputees
  9. MIA SCHOEN pressure down
  10. HARD LEFT whats that sound
  11. CANNANES grotto capri
  12. THE BRIGHT LIGHTS no reaction
  13. FRAU discipline
  14. AMERICAN CULTURE i'm just an animal
  15. BAD GUYS bad guys
  16. THE DEBUTANTES burn the merch
  17. GRRR! check it!
  18. THE SAFE DISTANCE idiot cowboy
  19. THE HOW mary anne with the shaky hand
  20. ROOIBUS ORBISON gf + bf