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Tullycraft - The Singles cd

(Darla Records)

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seeing as most of the band's early singles are long out of print, here's a great way to collect them all (and a few unreleased bonuses) at once!
  1. Skyway
  2. Superboy & Supergirl
  3. Pop Songs Your New Boyfriend's Too Stupid To Know About
  4. Pink Lemonade
  5. Bailey Park
  6. Josie
  7. 1st String Teenage High
  8. Not Quite Burning Bridges
  9. Piano Lessons For Beauty Queens
  10. Stay Cool I'll See You This Summer
  11. Falling Out Of Love (With You)
  12. Guyana Punch
  13. She's Got The Beat
  14. Break Seaside (And Over)
  15. Maybe Baby
  16. Heroes And Villains
  17. They're Not Trying On The Dance Floor
  18. 8 Great Ways
  19. Crush The Scene
  20. Look How We Killed The Riot Grrrls
  21. Loveless
  22. Tuppycrabs, Tullycrub