This Year's Model - The Clock Strikes Ten cd

(Marsh Marigold Records)

elegant, musically sophisticated indie pop in the vein of the Go-Betweens and the Monochrome Set (and also a sister project of the Higher Elevations). Attractive novella-themed packaging, with writings from Dickon Edwards, Vic Godard and Jessica Griffin.
  1. Birthday Letters
  2. O, Heaven Help My Foolish Heart
  3. Ocean
  4. Ten O'Clock Murder
  5. Age - Getting Over It Properly
  6. A Sleepy Girl
  7. The Postcard
  8. Picture This Ended
  9. I Am My Best Friend's Acquantaince
  10. Second Sight
  11. Wishes For Jean Paul
  12. What Did I First Hear?
  13. I Think The Snow Saved Me
  14. Method Acting
  15. Hotel Damier, Courtrai