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Television Personalities - Some Kind Of Trip: Singles 1990-1994 dbl cd/dbl lp

(Fire Records)

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compilation of singles and rarities from the band's middle years
  1. Strangely Beautiful (7" Mix)
  2. Reaching For The Stars
  3. Not Even A Maybe
  4. The Day The Dolphins Leave The Sea
  5. Christ Knows I Have Tried
  6. She's never read my poems (12" Mix)
  7. Favourite Films
  8. The Dream Inspires
  9. Happy All The Time (Ten Years Ahead Of Its Time Version)
  10. We Will Be Your Gurus ( 7" Mix)
  11. An Exhibition By Joan Miro
  12. Love Is Better Than War
  13. Good Night Mr Spaceman
  14. If I Was Your Girlfirend
  15. She Loves It When He Sings Like Elvis
  16. You, Me And Lou Reed
  17. My Imaginary Friend
  18. I Remember Bridget Riley
  19. I Wish You Could Love Me For What I Am
  20. I Don't Want To Live This Life
  21. Far Away And Lost In Joy
  22. Do You Know What They're Saying About Me Now?
  23. I Get Frightened