Television Personalities - Beautiful Despair cd/lp

(Fire Records)

an unreleased album from 1990, unearthed and remastered - a true lost classic and on cool marbled vinyl!
  1. Hard Luck Story Number 39
  2. Razor Blades & Lemonade
  3. How Does It Feel To Be Loved
  4. Love Is A Four Letter Word
  5. Beautiful Despair
  6. If You Fly Too High
  7. Have A Nice Day
  8. I Get Frightened Too
  9. Goodnight Mr Spaceman
  10. Honey For The Bears
  11. I Don't Want To Live This Life
  12. I Like That In A Girl
  13. My Very First Nervous Breakdown
  14. I Suppose You Think It's Funny
  15. This Heart's Not Made Of Stone