Tears Run Rings - In Surges + Remixes dbl cd

(Disaster Club Records)

third album from this west coast dreampop band full of lush guitars and haunting melodies, with a bonus disc of remixes!
  1. Happiness 6
  2. Belly Up
  3. Things Have Changed
  4. Part of the Glass
  5. Green Lakes
  6. Broken
  7. Destroyer
  8. Something You Can't Hide
  9. Sine Wave Sleep
  10. Happiness 7
  11. Things Have Changed (Life in Plastic Remix)
  12. Part of the Glass (Airiel Remix)
  13. Things Have Changed (Pinkshinyultrablast Remix)
  14. Things Have Changed (Tiny Fireflies Remix)
  15. Destroyer (Rxgibbs Remix)
  16. Broken (WHS Remix)
  17. Things Have Changed (Jase Burns Remix)
  18. Destroyer at Shitenouji Temple with Cherry Blossom (Friendly Scientist Remix)