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Stones - Three Blind Mice cd

(Flying Nun Records)

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this oft-overlooked early '80s Kiwi pop group gets a high quality reissue
  1. Gunner Ho
  2. See Red
  3. Mother/Father (live)
  4. At The Café
  5. Something New (EP version)
  6. Final Days
  7. Down And Around
  8. Funky Conversations
  9. Surf's Up
  10. Fad World
  11. It's A Shame (live)
  12. We Live (live)
  13. Everywhere Man (live)
  14. Diamond Dirt (live)
  15. Think About It (live)
  16. Looking At You (live)
  17. Ward 9 (live)
  18. Route 69 (live)