Steward - Horselaugh On My Ex cd

(555 Recordings)

the best release from Stew Boyracer's glitchy electropop alter-ego
  1. You Can't Fuck With Nature
  2. Something To Crave
  3. My True Friends Are Golden
  4. Poised For Great Things
  5. Rupert Pumpkin King Of My Heart
  6. He Is A Genius With His Hands
  7. Take Me Home And Make Use Of Me
  8. He Dispenses With Timid Afterthought
  9. Waiting For Our Pasts To Catch Up With Us
  10. You Have Too Much Time On Your Hands
  11. Don't Be Square (Be There)
  12. Hey Leopard
  13. Our Love Was Tragic
  14. Pissing Our The Poison
  15. Goodbye Leeds 4
  16. Digital Boogie
  17. Golden Years Squandered
  18. Happy New Years
  19. You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth
  20. Heaven