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Spy - Unknown Places cd

(Firestation Records)

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retrospective from one of Germany's best guitarpop exports, this 23 track disc collects their two Marsh Marigold 7"s and a slew of unreleased material from the 90s
  1. Space Song
  2. The Way That I Feel
  3. She Is Having Fun
  4. Don't Know How
  5. Heaven
  6. Special Agent Bell
  7. Just Like Love
  8. Man Of Today
  9. Happy As A Child
  10. Worthwhile #2
  11. Have You Ever
  12. Tomorrow
  13. All Summer Long
  14. You And I
  15. Shadow
  16. Hand In Hand
  17. Please Read Me
  18. Licence To Kill
  19. Yesterday's Child
  20. It Will Happen
  21. King Of Happiness (demo)
  22. Man Of Today (demo)
  23. Space Song (demo)
  24. Indian Wedding