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Spraydog - Impress And Defend cd

(Jigsaw Records, PZL013)

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after a whole decade of raving about this brilliant Newcastle group (they were even the subject of one of the very first reviews on IndiePages!), we finally get to release an album from the mighty Spraydog! This may unfortunately be the band's final studio album, but it finds them as strong as ever and still cranking out dynamic and thoughtful indie rock in the vein of Tse Tse Fly, Versus, early Bear Quartet with hints of vintage Dinosaur Jr.

Not limited. All songs written by Spraydog. Available digitally on Bandcamp.

  1. Polaroids Not Portraits
  2. A Slave's Briolette
  3. Midnight Hockey
  4. Trading Zeniths
  5. Captive Hearts
  6. Stuck In This Bleed
  7. Effort Syndrome
  8. (sevensixes)
  9. Cry Out Scream Shout
  10. Heartlight
  11. Here Comes The Day Rise
  12. Disconnected
  13. Stop Your Heart