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Spinning Wheels - When The Music's Over cd

(Jigsaw Records, PZL025)

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this band existed briefly during the early '90s, and released a single 7" and a very scarce cassette on Teatime Records (which remains that way, at the band's request!). They were slated to do a follow-up single, but when the label ran out of money, the band ran out of steam. This disc collects the eight unreleased demos they recorded around this time, and tacks on the three 7" tracks for good measure. Though the band's leader, Dick Preece, found greater fame with the more elegant Lovejoy a decade later, this album recalls the days of pure and simple indiepop championed by Another Sunny Day or St. Christopher.

Not limited. All songs written by The Spinning Wheels. Available digitally on Bandcamp.

  1. Without You
  2. Don't Get Me Wrong
  3. Happy Happy Life
  4. About You
  5. Untitled
  6. Evil Men
  7. Even Good Things Give Away
  8. When The Music's Over
  9. A Million Years
  10. Because We're Queers
  11. Naked Ladies