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Sneaky Feelings - Send You cd/dbl lp

(Flying Nun Records)

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absolutely essential jangle-pop reissue (with lot of bonus tracks and great packaging) from the legendary Sneaky Feelings!
  1. Waiting For Touchdown
  2. Throwing Stones
  3. Strangers Again
  4. Someone Else's Eyes
  5. Not To Take Sides (Reprise)
  6. Not To Take Sides
  7. P.I.T. Song
  8. Won't Change
  9. Everything I Want
  10. Be My Friend (Re-Edit)
  11. Husband House
  12. The Strange And Conflicting Feelings Of Separation And Betrayal
  13. Major Barbara
  14. Ready Or Not
  15. Cry You Out Of My Eyes
  16. Maybe You Need To Come Back