Sleuth - Out Of The Blue Period cd/lp

(Jigsaw Records, PZL080)

I've long been a fan of this Canadian band (ever since their impossibly rare cassette EP from a few years back!) so I jumped at the chance to put out their debut album. And what an album it is! Years in the making, this is a rich and rewarding record that's as multi-faceted as it is simple and pure. Not just your average pop record, this is a group of songs that make you think and feel - not unlike, say, the Smiths, the Siddeleys or the Go-Betweens at their very best. Intelligent and heartfelt lyrics set to music that ranges from sublimely jangly indiepop to 4AD-ish atmospheric beauty. Fourteen songs in total, each of them as strong as the last, so favorites are very hard to pick. But I can safely say that this is one record that will be revered when the next wave of janglepop revivalism happens in a few decades...
CD not limited. 150 lps pressed in handmade sleeves; co-released with the band and Kingfisher Bluez Records in Canada; with Jigsaw getting 50 copies. All songs written by Sleuth. Available digitally on Bandcamp.
  1. Good On The Inside (I Don't Mind)
  2. Is It True?
  3. The Big Big Blue
  4. My Cancer Years
  5. Closely Watched Trains
  6. Ties
  7. A Finely Tuned Machine
  8. The Honey Is In The Hive
  9. The Rules For Hearts
  10. Single Man
  11. Lead Me To New Secret Paths And Dancing Places
  12. Trembling Blue
  13. Wild Life
  14. Stay On My Arm