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Simon Goalpost - Embankment Verse cd

(Pop Noise Records)

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a collection of 30 Swell Maps-ish lo-fi recordings from 1988-1995 by the main man behind Thrilled Skinny
  1. Embankment Verse
  2. Whatever Whatever Wherever
  3. You Just Don't Know Me Really
  4. Get Away
  5. Let's Go And Visit Mr. Island
  6. Plants For Sale Enquire Within
  7. Empty Demijar
  8. Worse Things Happen
  9. Cheese Grater Man
  10. Trendy Shoe Girl (acoustic)
  11. Towerblock
  12. View From This Window
  13. Hanging Rock Climber
  14. Trendy Shoe Girl
  15. The Sky Is Full Of Aeroplanes
  16. Worse Things Happen At Sea
  17. Didn't Mean That Much To Me
  18. Common Ground
  19. Bottom Of The Stairs
  20. Saw You At The Station
  21. An Angry Chair
  22. Let's Go Down The Allotment
  23. Off Shopping Trolley
  24. Whatever The Weather
  25. Don't Try To Make It On Your Own
  26. One Man And A Lawnmower Went To Mow A Field
  27. Let's Go Down The Allotment (alternate)
  28. Then Suddenly
  29. Backwards Garden
  30. Embankment Verse (alternate)