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Shine! - Shine! cd

(Cloudberry Records)

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21-track reissue from this fantastic and energetic janglepop group well-done in the usual Cloudberry style
  1. Bite the Apple
  2. The City Can Wait
  3. It Could Never Happen to Us
  4. Millions & Millions
  5. The Art of Lying Low
  6. I Just Can't Celebrate
  7. You Can't Help Yourself
  8. Out of Touch
  9. Empty Heads Ring Hollow
  10. Give me Soul
  11. Heaven
  12. All Fall Down
  13. Open Up Yourself
  14. The One That Stops You
  15. Ladybird
  16. Jerk
  17. No Way I'd Much Rather Be
  18. 20 Days Away
  19. Dangerous Day
  20. She Looks So Good
  21. It's Nice to be Loved