Saturday People - Saturday People cd/lp

(Slumberland Records)

perfect 60s flavored power pop from this all-star DC band, featuring members of the Ropers, Castaway Stones, Tree Fort Angst, Velocity Girl and Whorl, that pens classic tunes and plays them with infectious enthusiasm. Recommended for any fan of jangly pop!
  1. No Matter Where You Are
  2. Find Out
  3. Upside-Down
  4. Grace (Kinky On Your Leg mix)
  5. Working For The Weekend
  6. That Settles That
  7. Slipping Through Your Fingertips
  8. The Man Without Qualities, Part II
  9. California Girls
  10. Sound Of Yesterday
  11. Lullabye In The Rain
  12. Twilight Story
  13. The Man Without Qualities, Part I
  14. The Castle
  15. Ghost Of A Chance