San Martin, Brad - Tell Someone cd

(Jigsaw Records, PZL088)

Brad San Martin has been crafting indiepop classics for several years with his group, One Happy Island, but did you know he also had a solo project called Secret Charisma, who released a pair of excellent cds? Well, Brad's dropped that moniker, and is now going by his own name, as he branches out into further territories than before. Oh, there's still plenty of good old-fashioned twee pop that you'd expect from him, but you'll also find that he's taking more chances, and sounding great in the process! Imagine a vintage Harry Nilsson or Van Dyke Parks album, but on Elephant 6: catchy pop songs with added noises and little instrumental flourishes. And ukuleles - do we ever have ukuleles! This is a gorgeous half-hour ray of sunshine that is sure to perk up any lover of light-hearted pop music!

Not limited. All songs written by Brad San Martin. Available digitally on Bandcamp.
  1. Saved By An Idea
  2. Lessons Left Me
  3. You
  4. Art Once
  5. No Fun
  6. Don't Forget
  7. Heart So Hard
  8. Self Saver
  9. Fall In Love
  10. Third Worst Wave
  11. Greater Days
  12. Lite Shines