Rochester, Anthony - Hot Hits '96 cd

(Jigsaw Records, PZL019)

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hailing from Hobart, Tasmania, Anthony Rochester has been making solo recordings for over a decade, and his fourth album finds him in top form! He's got the wit and charm of Jens Lekman, Darren Hanlon and the Lucksmiths, and a knack for writing catchy, breezy pop tunes, tinged with hints of AM pop, bossa nova and electronica.

Not limited. All songs written by Anthony Rochester. Available digitally on iTunes.

  1. You're A Singer Now
  2. Friend Request Manager
  3. Copenhagen
  4. Fredrikstad, Canada
  5. Endeavourin'
  6. At Kingston Beach
  7. Excursion To The Planetarium
  8. Special Payment Option
  9. Even Your Retail Prices Won't Keep Me Away
  10. A Dog Staring At An Aeroplane
  11. Come Back
  12. Positivity Man