Rightovers - Blue Blood cd/lp

(Jigsaw Records, PZL083)

as you can tell from just about half of the past year's releases (from the Zebras to Ocean Party to Animal Daydream), I have a soft spot for soft and jangly indiepop. So when the Rightovers (a mostly one-man project based in Hawaii) wrote me about distributing their self-released debut lp, I eagerly suggested the possibility of Jigsaw doing the cd version, to which the band responded yes! Sounding like the afore-mentioned Jigsaw artists, as well as other notable bands like Ladybug Transistor, Elf Power (later period) and Citified (okay, not famous, but I love 'em, so they count), the Rightovers' songs all gently flow by, sustaining a state of calmness over the course of just over half an hour. Sure, the guitars will get a bit louder from time to time, but rarely in a jarring fashion ("Floating Near The Sun" is the odd one out, but in a good way), while the lyrics have a bit of a wry sense of humor to them, enhanced by an occasional sound bite here and there. A perfect album to close out the summer!

CD not limited. 300 lps pressed on blue vinyl on the band's own Trebleplane Records. All songs written by the Rightovers except track 6 written by the Mekons. Available digitally on Bandcamp.
  1. Valerie
  2. Canyon Country
  3. Vaseline
  4. So Famous I'm Fucked
  5. My Trebly Underground
  6. Hello Cruel World
  7. Arthurs Army
  8. We Can Run/A Piper's Lament
  9. Floating Near The Sun
  10. Nanakuli