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Queue Dance - Full Stop cd

(Firestation Records)

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jazzy and jaunty 80s reissue that sounds like a young Tracey Thorn fronting Jim Jiminee or the Man Upstairs
  1. For A Moment
  2. Not The One For Me
  3. Sink Or Swim
  4. Happiness Begins In The Home
  5. Hanging Her Head
  6. Pow Pow I'm For It Now
  7. Goodbye Kiss
  8. Fringe Of The Affair
  9. Where Would They Go
  10. Rainy Days
  11. I Could Get Away With It
  12. Catch Me If You Can
  13. Full Stop
  14. Never Take A Bite
  15. Somebody Told Me
  16. Hand Upon Heart
  17. Keep In Line
  18. So Little Respect
  19. Hide And Seek
  20. Whats Expected
  21. Far Deeper
  22. Saving The World