Pop Will Eat Itself - Now For A Feast - 25th Anniversary Edition cd

(Cherry Red Records)

all the early recordings from this UK noisepop band, back when they were fun (and good!)
  1. I'm Sniffin With You Hoo
  2. Sick Little Girl
  3. Mesmerised
  4. There's A Psychopath In My Soup
  5. Candydiosys
  6. Black Country Chainstore Massacree
  7. Monogamy
  8. Oh Grebo, I Think I Love You
  9. Titanic Clown
  10. B-B-B-Breakdown
  11. Sweet Sweet Pie
  12. The Devil Inside
  13. Runaround
  14. Love Missile F1-11
  15. Orgone Accumulator
  16. Everything That Rises
  17. Like An Angel
  18. Dust Me Down (Wild and Wandering demo)
  19. Johnny Ray (Wild and Wandering demo)
  20. Apple Tree (Wild and Wandering demo)
  21. Summer Girl (live)
  22. Inside You (Pre Beat Box demo)
  23. Picnic In The Sky (Pre Beat Box demo)
  24. Psychopath In My Soup (early version)
  25. Everything That Rises (new version)
  26. Oh Grebo, I Think I Love You (new version)
  27. Bubbles
  28. Ugly