Pohgoh - In Memory Of Bab cd

(Waterslide Records)

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reissue from this mid '90s female-fronted emo/indie rock band from Florida that would've fit well on Polyvinyl
  1. Friend X
  2. Tell Me Truly
  3. Tired Ear
  4. Superlife
  5. Megaphone Mouth
  6. All Along
  7. Stateline
  8. Chapel Of Ghouls
  9. Manufactured To Comply
  10. Worst Case Scenario
  11. Westerberg
  12. Manufactured To Comply (Live at WFMU)
  13. Friend X (Live at WFMU)
  14. Bernadette (Live at WFMU)
  15. Chapel Of Ghouls (Live at WFMU)
  16. Friend X (Live at The Fireside Bowl)