Pillow - Learning To Labour cd

(Jigsaw Records, PZL017)

this band from Sweden may have existed for several years during the '90s, but their output was very small. They started strong in 1995 with a cdep on a small Swedish label, and just continued to get better; but apart from a 7" single and one compilation track on Firestation Tower Records, their recordings never saw a proper release. This 22-track collection posthumously compiles the best songs from the band's treasure trove of unreleased material, and will please fans of Puffin, Eggstone and the sound of Swedish indie music, circa 1993-1998.

Not limited. All songs written by Pillow. Available digitally on Bandcamp.

  1. 2 Weird Happenings
  2. B-Home
  3. Monday Suit
  4. Right Is The Accusation, Wrong Is The Accused
  5. Goodbye 7:30
  6. This Is The Trick
  7. Learning To Labour
  8. Live Steward
  9. Minor
  10. And It's Over There
  11. The Score
  12. My Turning Fair
  13. The Boy Who Wouldn't Listen
  14. Overruled By You
  15. Happy Shoot-out
  16. The Shiny Going One
  17. Starlet
  18. Umbrella
  19. Backseat View
  20. Thousand Miles
  21. Speed Of Sound
  22. You Did Not Hurt Me