Persian Rugs - This Is OK For Now cd

(Jigsaw Records, PZL098)

this is the first album from Toronto, Canada's Persian Rugs (distantly following their debut 7" on Cloudberry back in 2011), and it almost slipped through the cracks into obscurity! I found it purely by chance on Bandcamp a few months back and instantly wrote the band requesting that they let me give it the Jigsaw treatment, and lucky for me, they were into it! Have a listen to this band's brand of classic indiepop infused with some dreampop influences - it's as if you melded Jesse Garon & The Desperadoes with Poundsign, adding a bit of Velocity Girl for good measure. Lots of jangly guitars, but with a fair amount of synths involved, as well. It's also a record of many moods, from the ferocity of the opener "Bedhead" to the easy-going pace of "I Wanted Something More" to the gentle "Cotton Candy", with many points in between (and there are only eight songs!). A truly multi-dimensional record and we're proud to have it in our catalog!

Not limited. All songs written by Persian Rugs. Available digitally on Bandcamp.

  1. Bedhead
  2. I Wanted Something More
  3. Naked
  4. Cotton Candy
  5. Underemployed
  6. Falling Through The Floor
  7. Comic Book Dreams
  8. Phone Call From The Lake