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Pariahs - Friendly & Courageous cd

(Firestation Records)

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very impressive janglepop (think Pale Fountains & Prefab Sprout) from Germany circa the early '90s, this retrospective includes many unreleased tunes, as well!
  1. Rock 'n' Roll Has Saved My Life
  2. Are You Insane, Too?
  3. The Bad Taste Of Brazil
  4. Going Down Niagara Falls
  5. Can't Touch You Now
  6. Faith Means Nothing
  7. Keep Me In Love
  8. Monkey Business
  9. Shepherd On The Shelf
  10. The Danger Zone
  11. Marietjie
  12. The Viscera Of A Minstrel Singer
  13. Charlie Charlie
  14. Winter's Finally Gone
  15. Roots
  16. Offer Me
  17. August 9th, 1920
  18. Fly On
  19. The Lighthouse
  20. Rattle My Cage
  21. Bahnhof Aus Licht (feat. Maja)