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Pale Saints - The Comforts Of Madness: 30th Anniversary dbl cd/dbl lp

(4AD Records)

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stellar reissue of one of my all-time favorite dream-pop albums with a bonus disc of demos and a Peel Session!
  1. Way The World Is
  2. You Tear The World In Two
  3. Sea Of Sound
  4. True Coming Dream
  5. Little Hammer
  6. Insubstantial
  7. A Deep Sleep For Steven
  8. Language Of Flowers
  9. Fell From The Sun
  10. Sight Of You
  11. Time Thief
  12. Sight Of You (original version)
  13. Way The World Is (demo)
  14. Language Of Flowers (demo)
  15. You Tear The World In Two (demo)
  16. Fell From The Sun (demo)
  17. A Deep Sleep For Steven (demo)
  18. Time Thief (demo)
  19. Sea Of Sound (demo)
  20. Insubstantial (demo)
  21. Little Hammer (demo)
  22. True Coming Dream (demo)
  23. She Rides The Waves (Peel Session)
  24. You Tear The World In Two (Peel Session)
  25. Way The World Is (Peel Session)
  26. Time Thief (Peel Session)