Open Letters - 10-23 lp

(Kingfisher Bluez Records)

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gruff yet melodic boy/girl punk that reminds me a lot of Rvivr
  1. Still Shitty
  2. Bad Poise For Life
  3. Walk Towards The Light (Rock)
  4. Literal Human Garbage // The Virtues Of Disbelief
  5. Feeling This
  6. Dear Friends
  7. I'm Getting Too Old For This Shit
  8. Drugs Will Tear Us Apart
  9. The Shape Of Complaint Rock To Come
  10. Pity Party (No Moms Allowed) // I'll Burn The Bridge When I Get To It
  11. It's Cool But Unfun Already Did It
  12. I'm A God Damn Homewrecker