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Ogdens - Hellish Mad Rush cd

(Firestation Records)

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another obscure '80s janglepop band unearthed by Firestation for us to enjoy!
  1. Yeah Yeah Yeah
  2. Sticky Licky Apples
  3. From One Extreme To A Broken Dream
  4. It's A Beautiful Day
  5. Shades Of Green
  6. Bad State Of Mind
  7. Rachel Put Your Arms About Me
  8. Train To London Bridge
  9. The Prettiest Girl In Carmarthenshire
  10. Deep
  11. I Want To Know Everything
  12. She Made Everything Groovy
  13. A Walk In The Country
  14. Patricia
  15. All About Steve
  16. Bring Me The Head Of The National Theatre
  17. Dizziness
  18. Boeing Boeing Bornbl
  19. Slip Of A Lad
  20. Funny What A Moon Can Do
  21. From One Extreme To A Broken Dream
  22. Goodbye Yuppy Scum