Northern Portrait - Ta! cd

(Matinee Recordings)

this Danish band appeared a few years back and impressed everyone with their Smiths-esque indiepop tunes, and everyone seemed to up their EPs faster than the band could release them! This disc collects their out of print cdeps, 10" EP, the b-side from their 7" and three compilation tracks onto one handy disc!
  1. A Quiet Night In Copenhagen
  2. I Give You Two Seconds To Entertain Me
  3. I Feel Even Better
  4. Waiting For A Chance
  5. Some People
  6. In An Empty Hotel
  7. Happy Nice Day
  8. The Young and Hopefuls
  9. Sporting A Scar
  10. Our Lambrusco Days
  11. Leave The Trees Alone
  12. Bon Voyage!
  13. Greetings From Paris
  14. Stirling Moss
  15. The Fallen Aristocracy