Nivens - From A Northumbrian Mining Village Comes The Sound Of Summer lp

(Firestation Records)

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a perfect collection of 80s janglepop (as heard on our Woosh retrospective cd!), now in on vinyl!
  1. Yesterday
  2. I Hope You'll Always Be My Friend
  3. Tidal Waves
  4. Tales From A Dufflebag
  5. Christine Norden
  6. It's True
  7. Summertime
  8. San Francisco
  9. Judy Garland
  10. Let Loose Of My Knee
  11. Sweet Adolescent
  12. Room Without A View
  13. Beautiful
  14. The Necessity For Spastics In 20th Century Culture
  15. Northumberland
  16. I Love Me
  17. Lucozade Orgasms