Nice Man And The Bad Boys - The Art Of Hanging Out cd

(Firestation Records)

Francis MacDonald (BMX Bandits, Speedboat, Teenage Fanclub, etc) gives us a masterpiece of West Coast harmonies and the finest melodies in guitarpop
  1. Forever Is A Long Time Without You
  2. Lines
  3. Hey Slinky
  4. One Minute Of Your Time
  5. Punk Rock Girl
  6. Rain Rain Rain
  7. Cayo
  8. Love Is A Game For Two To Play
  9. Bambino
  10. Mine Mine Mine
  11. Tambourine
  12. Pretty Brown Eyes
  13. Lazybones
  14. Cheeky Love
  15. Nice Man RIP
  16. Cayo (demo)
  17. Bambino (demo)
  18. Let's Have A Meaningful Relationship