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Newsflash - Real Horror Show cd

(Firestation Records)

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one of the label's best '80s jangle pop reissues yet, and there's just so much to enjoy!
  1. Mundane Me And You
  2. Times Are Tight
  3. Finding Out The Hard Way
  4. Tale Of Nothing In Particular
  5. You Could Be Right
  6. White Beat
  7. Englishman
  8. Touch Me
  9. No Clouds Allowed
  10. Help 11 Wherever I Go
  11. The Hand That Strangles
  12. Nobodies Home
  13. First Class To Ruin
  14. Real Horror Show
  15. Brought To Light
  16. She Don't Tell Lies
  17. That Girl
  18. Losing
  19. Wherever I Go (demo version)
  20. Finding Out The Hard Way (acoustic version)