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Neoangin - Unhappy House cd

(no label)

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off-kilter and slightly mad synth-pop from Germany
  1. A Different Kind Of Train
  2. I'm Taking My Secrets Into Grave
  3. It's Not Easy Being Easy
  4. Spiders In The Same Net
  5. The Tourist
  6. Antiheroes
  7. Where Has Everybody Else Gone
  8. The Empty Feeling
  9. The Boy Who Can't Relax
  10. Cool Today, Cold Tomorrow
  11. 3 Foncalls In A Mailbox
  12. Old Is The New Young
  13. Ballad Of The Stolen Hearts
  14. We Don't Want A Solution
  15. Landsend (A Town For No1)
  16. Marooned
  17. If Everythings Repeating