Nar - History cd

(Jigsaw Records, PZL043)

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it's no secret that Scott Miller has long been one of my favorite indiepop songwriters - I've been singing his praises in the Bright Ideas for ages (and recently, the English Singles) - so I'm thrilled to be able to introduce the pop world to his '90s punky-pop group, Nar. Nar were more than just your average punk band (I mean, how many punk bands can you name that have covered both Felt and Aztec Camera?), and they released a bunch of singles and a split lp via tiny Californian labels such as Yakamashi, Very Small and Scott's own Secret Center, gaining a bit of notoriety in their hometown of Sacramento, but never really achieving any quantifiable success (Scott's other punky-pop band, the Bananas, are a different story altogether). This is a reissue of the similarly-named posthumously self-released cd-r (with a couple tracklisting alterations) that collects pretty much every song from the band's career onto one packed, non-stop pogo-inspiring disc!
Not limited. All songs written by Nar, except track 15 by Felt, track 33 by Aztec Camera and track 36 by Elgin. Available digitally on Bandcamp.
  1. Holiday Routine
  2. The Modern Man
  3. Bullshit Central
  4. Drunk & Benevolent
  5. S.O.A. Derby Park
  6. What?!
  7. Popcorn Festival
  8. One Moon Surprise
  9. Blue Sky
  10. Red Ronigun
  11. I Am You
  12. Speedball
  13. Wrecklessly Inconsistent
  14. Bad Thoughts
  15. Christopher Street
  16. What I Saw
  17. Tradewinds
  18. Cool District
  19. Right Idea
  20. Renaissance Behaviour
  21. Hi, We're Nar
  22. I Like Times
  23. Hat Trick
  24. Spacesuit
  25. False Claims
  26. Romano McNacho
  27. Longest Mile
  28. (You) Can't Tell Me Nothing
  29. Play Safe!
  30. May '92
  31. The Bridge
  32. D.G.M.N.S.
  33. Birth Of The True
  34. On My Pillow
  35. Boring Facts
  36. I Remember Everything
  37. The Brides Go To Boston
  38. Showdown
  39. Feelin' Proud
  40. Grey Sky
  41. Crystal Days
  42. I Do (live)
  43. Corvette Summer (live)