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Musical Chairs - Retraced: 1992-1999 cd

(Jigsaw Records, PZL032)

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that it took this long to compile all of Musical Chairs' non-album tracks is criminal enough, but we're proud to have finally done it! This disc is literally packed with pop goodness (32 tracks in nearly 80 minutes!), containing songs from their 7"s on Krebstar, Somersault and Pillarbox Red, compilation tracks from labels all over the world, and even a handful of songs that never got released the first time around. Settle in and get acquainted with this delightful '90s US jangle-pop band!

Not limited. All songs written by Musical Chairs, except track 16 by Galaxie 500, track 17 by the Field Mice and track 23 by Rosemary's Children. Available digitally on Bandcamp.

  1. Bottled Up
  2. Never Say That
  3. End Of The Road
  4. I Can't Take It
  5. Where Do All The Popkids Hide?
  6. Setting Up
  7. Try Again
  8. The Beaten Path
  9. Race To The Top
  10. Turn And Walk Away
  11. Going Crazy
  12. Dream Of Tomorrow
  13. Wide Eyed For Now
  14. Nothing Left To Say
  15. Turn Around And Sigh
  16. Fourth Of July
  17. I Couldn't Feel Safer
  18. Song From The Scenic Route
  19. Simpler Time
  20. Youth Anthem
  21. Through Yesterday
  22. Pop Is Not A Four-Letter Word
  23. Southern Fields
  24. Hiding In The Rose Garden
  25. Last Fall
  26. Basement
  27. Wasted My Time
  28. Day Away
  29. Well Read
  30. Wonderful Town
  31. Not Afraid Anymore
  32. The Light Song