Mogul - Running Riot cd

(Elefant Records)

sassy, cheeky day-glo techno-punk bubblegum pop bombs from this girl-boy two-piece from Birmingham
  1. Issue Of Identity
  2. Better Than Sex (Cuban Boys Continental Pop 7" Mix)
  3. Midland Metro
  4. Bin Bag
  5. The Model
  6. Eat Yr Greens
  7. Lips
  8. The Story Of Ort
  9. Candii Is A Can Fan
  10. A Clash Of Hairdos
  11. Precinct
  12. If Ort Was Back Again
  13. No Kicks
  14. Roll With It
  15. Better Than Sex (Cuban Boys Rock Steady 12" Mix)
  16. Better Than Sex (Cuban Boys Dark Cupboard Mix)