Michael Knight - Physics Is Out To Get Me cd/lp

(Jigsaw Records, PZL093)

this is the third album from Michael Knight, a German (by way of Ireland) band that does not actually contain a person with the name Michael Knight. And this is also the best album from said band, which is saying something as their previous records were already pretty great. The core of the band is just two fellows, but they receive a lot of help from friends, making for a nice overall orchestral sound, with strings, horns and backing vocals galore. One band they really remind me of is Walker Kong, but I suppose a more recognizable name would be Explorers Club or a clean Hidden Cameras. But they also harken back to the simpler time of bands like the Left Banke, the Zombies and the Millennium, with bits of whimsy scattered across the album's 13 tracks, which makes for a very pleasant and easy listen.

CD not limited. 300 lps pressed; co-released with the band with Jigsaw getting 100 copies. All songs written by Michael Knight. Available digitally on Bandcamp.

  1. Physics Is Out To Get Me
  2. Cliches
  3. Blugh
  4. Life Hacks #36 And #37
  5. Being And Snowthingness
  6. Fright At The Museum
  7. A Switch In Time, Leporine
  8. Miss Anthropy
  9. Sure, Call Over!
  10. Hang On, I Need To Count The Stops Again
  11. Goodnight Children
  12. A Stoppard Fop Is Right Half The Time
  13. The Shit Of Sisyphus