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Meeks - Meeks EP cdep

(Jigsaw Records, PZL062)

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this young Tokyo band had only been together a couple months when they recorded these songs; five months old as of their debut EP's release date. They are not perfect - they are still rough around the edges. But they have a youthful energy that's exciting, which is why I decided to document the band not at their peak, but at their very beginnings, warts and all. This band reminds me a lot of Tiger Trap (but with boy vocals), with their wonderful guitar melodies laid over catchy pop songs. Oh, and there's reverb all over the place. This band could be big, or they could break up tomorrow; you really can never tell these days. Either way, I'm very glad that they ever existed at all and that I could share them with the world...
Not limited. All songs written by Meeks. Available digitally on Bandcamp.
  1. Steve
  2. Darling
  3. Cosmos
  4. Summer
  5. Hello Goodbye