Manhattan Love Suicides - Burnt Out Landscapes cd

(Magic Marker Records)

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27-track disc collecting all of the singles from this excellent UK fuzz-pop group in the vein of Jesus And Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine, the Shop Assistants and the Velvet Underground
  1. Jonny Boy
  2. Clusterfuck
  3. Cracked Open
  4. Sycamore Peripheral
  5. Detroit Diesel
  6. Keep It Coming
  7. You'll Never Get That Guy
  8. Extra Medication
  9. Head Over Heels
  10. Kick It Back
  11. Autumn Fades In
  12. Orphans
  13. Never Far From You
  14. Suzy Jones
  15. Way Out Of Reach
  16. Heat And Panic
  17. Last Stand
  18. (The Guy On The) 14th Floor
  19. Burning Wire
  20. Dazzle The Blind
  21. You'll Never Get That Guy
  22. Thinking Is Killing Me
  23. Things You've Never Done
  24. Wolves
  25. Sitting Target
  26. Finding The End Of The Line
  27. Life In Vain